Why does Amazon owe 99% of sellers money?

Lost and Damaged Units

  • Damaged inventory at the warehouse
  • Destroyed item without permission
  • Lost inventory at the warehouse
  • Carrier damaged inbound shipments in transit

Lost Inbound Shipments

  • Lesser reimbursement for quantity
  • Insufficient reimbursement value
  • Chargeback issued without refund
  • Failure to return items to inventory

FBA Fee Overages

  • Correct inaccurate weights and dimensions
  • Reimbursement for past overages

Customer Returns

  • Item not returned
  • Item returned outside of return window
  • Different item returned


Easy, Quick and Complete

We do summarize all details with easy steps, quick reimbursement claim fields and complete details why amazon owes you money.

Affordable (No Upfront Costs)

We insure that you'll get money back from amazon. We only charge a 25% commission fee after we've successfully gotten you paid. No upfront fees. No commission costs until we successfully get you your money.

We Process Everything

Our Case Manager will take care of the entire reimburse process so you don't have to. We do all the work for you!

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